What should you consider with car park markings?

A car park must meet the company's wants and needs in terms of capacity while providing a safe and positive customer experience.

Your parking space will be likely to be the first part of your business that a customer sees, so it's important that your parking lot makes the best possible impression.


No Whatever size area you're covering If you have your parking space available, you should maximize that space to achieve the best possible

To achieve this, it is important that you take the time to understand the different types of markings consider how many parking spaces you would ideally like to create and how these brands fit together and work together.

We have several years of experience working with companies to create car parks that are perfectly tailored to their needs. So, if you have ideas for your car park, we can work with you and Escorted to get the best possible. The parking line markings for your requirements within the available space.

Health and Safety

While on your property, the users of your parking space are under your care. It is therefore your duty to ensure that your parking space is marked in accordance with health and safety requirements and that all users of your parking space, including motorists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists, are protected.

Parking markings such as pedestrian walkways, Bike Lanes, No Parking Zones and Shaded Areas are examples of the
different types of markings that can help you park safely, so it's important that you take these markings into account when creating a parking plan.

Serve all users

Another factor to consider with your business parking lot is who you serve.

Of course, your parking space must be suitable for drivers, but is the size of the parking space you plan suitable for all vehicle sizes, from smart cars to 4x4s?

Also, disabled and parent/child parking spaces are important and should be clearly marked.

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased in the UK in recent years. You should also consider adding EV parking to your parking lot.


Last but not least, we recommend that you consider maintenance when planning your car. Parking lot: how often you need to do this and what type of maintenance do you need to perform.

Parking lot markings and the surface itself need maintenance to keep your parking lot safe and effective for customers and around the bold and visible markings, but we know that finding the time for this maintenance can be difficult.

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