Factory/Warehouse Demarcations and Floor Markings

A well-organised workplace has a place for everything in its place. No workplace is without risks. Industrial properties have heavy machinery, workers at height, and other specific risks which apply to specific areas.

Floor demarcation can be an effective way of identifying risk areas. In warehouses, floor demarcation can be used to help identify storage areas; to identify the right place to set down pallets, or the correct place to put rejected stock ready for disposal.

Floor demarcation can also assist with emergency responses; it can be used to mark emergency first aid stations, to denote an area around firefighting equipment that must be kept clear, and even to show pointers towards the nearest emergency exit.

Floor Markings Options

Tape Markings Available

These markings are ideal to communicate social distancing rules to customers and staff. Our durable PVC floor tape is available in several colours with plain and hazard striped options available to increase visibility further.

Tape Marking Equipment

Our Industrial Tape Applicator assists with the application of all brands of industrial PVC tape and apply straight lines to the effective area

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