Road Markings

We are specialists in painting of all types of road markings and road lines on roads, parking areas, security estates, office parks, factories, warehouses, schools, shopping centre's, hospitals, etc.. throughout the Gauteng area at affordable prices. With our specialised road marking equipment, lines are even and remain consistent throughout the job. Only SABS road marking paint which includes (Polyurethane Paint for Cement and Asphalt for ultimate toughness is used to ensure a long-life spam of markings.

Road Markings

Road Marking Options available

There are several road marking paint options available depending on the road or surface and how long the area needs to be defined for. Road-marking materials available which vary in price and performance.

Commonly used road marking materials include

Road Marking Equipment

With our specialised road marking equipment lines are applied even. Our Graco Line Laser Machines are probably one of the most popular road marking machines on the market. We provide you with professional quality lines and road markings.

Materials Used

We use templates/stencils to ensure our car park lines and road markings are straight and according to standards. Road marking paint is available in several different colours, the main two types available are white and yellow. We only use SABS approved road marking paint to ensure a long-life spam of markings.

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